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Alex Tran, President of Alex Fine Cleaners Inc. has 17 years of experience in the garment care industry. He switched to 100% water based cleaning in 2004. Since 2004, he has worked on four wet cleaning systems. These included Miele, Electrolux, Aqua Solo, and currently the Asko-Concord wet cleaning system from Sweden, in which he played a instrumental part in developing. He was the first in the world to use this system.

In May 2011, Alex did a seminar to demonstrate the Asko-Concord system at his cleaning facility, located at 265 Wincott Drive and did a feature in Fabricare Canada, the magazine of professional clothing cleaners.

In June 2011, Alex was invited to do a demonstration at the Clean Show Las Vegas, the largest trade show of its kind,  to assist Asko-Concord in introducing their system to the world.

In April 2012, Alex was invited to do a demonstration at the Clean Canada Show in Toronto to introduce the Asko-Concord wet cleaning system to the Canadian market.

At Alex Fine Cleaners, our mission is to provide a truly green product with top notch quality and service. We strive to return each customer’s garment in “as new” condition,  just as it was purchased.

“I really feel taken care of by Alex Fine Cleaners…constantly going above and beyond the call to make sure I am ready for my next event. From special cleaning requests, to last minute rushes on alterations so I can make a gig dressed right, Alex and his team are fantastic. Everything is expertly cleaned in an environmentally conscious manner, with service unparalleled in the industry.

Many and many thanks for your efforts, they are greatly appreciated!”

Miles Raine, Saxophonist and Talent company owner!

Talenttor Inc.

“Since I started using Alex Fine Cleaners I feel I have all the support when it comes to me and my family's clothing. They were able to remove "putty" from my daughter's ballet suit.They were able to remove a fresh blueberry protein shake from my carpet and my white couch!!!

They were able to fix my Canada goose coat that accidentally got bleach!! (after that I declared them the goddess in the cleaning business).

 Don't judge me but know that they are the best. I think that since they can do it all, they are more keen if you give them a challenge. Try them you will see that I am right.”

Yalenka Diaz

“Alex Fine Cleaners is the ONLY place I trust both my personal pieces as well as my clients pieces. Quality and service are both impeccable! Couldn't survive without you guys! You guys rock.”

Deidre Cole

Co-owner  DRESS 2 KILL

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Our Many Happy Clients

Before & After Photos We are proud of what we do. See what a difference we can make to cleaning your favorite clothes. Watch our Advance Cleaning System Wet cleaning that makes all types of clothing good as new.